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"From the perspective of a student who is planning on a career in opera, the experience is essential. Nothing can replace it. A student needs to interact with professionals, hear professional singers, and work with professional directors. I, personally, needed to see what is expected of an opera singer. I needed to talk with them about their careers... I am 100% confident saying that going to MSU, studying with Dr. Ken Bowles, and participating in productions with Western Plains Opera gave me a career I never dreamed of or even knew existed."

- Chad Armstrong, operatic baritone

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Jerry Andresen
​Eric Furuseth
​Todd Mathistad
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Richard Crisera
Fred Crist
​Cheryl & john Nilsen
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Bethany Andreason
​Drs. Kenneth and DeVera Bowles
​David Bradley
Anita Feist-Clark
​Cleo Furuseth
John & Ann Jermiason
Gary & Margaret Lee
Richard & Judith McQuade
Mary Muhlbradt
Dr. Margaret Nordell
Ken & Sandy Starr
Judith & Thomas Swanson
​Al & Linda Torrington
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Sonja & Joel Hernes
Allen & Mary Hoberg
Mary & John Mercer
Monica Mullins
Kathryn Hintz & Daniel Ringrose
Alan & Laurie Verbitsky
Mark & Carol Schnabel
​Bob & Betty Wheeler

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If you would like to help support our non-profit organization please feel free to contact us. Any contributions are appreciated and we always like to hear from avid supporters of the long-standing musical art form.
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